Monday, March 1, 2010

Tonight was CRAZY...

I think I just had one of the most odd nights I've had in a long time. I have been doing an amazing bible study called Breaking Free- Making Liberty in Christ a Reality by Beth Moore. For probably 2 years I have been really feeling like this is a study I should do. I would put it off because I knew it would be life changing- ever get fearful of how or what God will use to change you? I know I do sometimes. God has really been working in my life over the past 6 months. He's been teaching me so much I don't think I even have enough space on this blog. Today God taught me that the reason I may be going through hard times with my family is because he wants to change me and for our relationship to deepen. That is the one and only reason- not for me to help or fix someone else, but just to be loved by God! So back to why this was such an odd night for me. On the way to bible study I looked down at my phone to get the directions when all of the sudden I hit the curve on the off ramp at about 40 mph. It felt like I did some major damage. I slowed down, got out and realized that I had a completely flat tire. Oooops!!! I called Josh who was supposed to hang out with an old family friend that lives here in Annapolis. I could barely get out what happened, but finally did and Josh hopped in the car to help. We changed the tire and Josh offered for me to still go to bible study. I felt like this week was one of those weeks where I really needed to go. So, I continued on my way.

This night of bible study we were supposed to be meeting at a different location than usual. I had plugged the address in, thus the having to look down a lot to figure out where I needed to go. I know, I know, looking down is not safe, we are going to get a GPS, the iphone just doesn't quite work the way you need it to. So, I get to the house where bible study is supposed to be. I felt a little odd about going up to the house because none of the usual cars were parked nearby. I checked the address on my phone and the mailbox, and they matched. I headed up to the door and accidentally let the glass door slam. I was already feeling bad for being late and then interrupting by letting the door slam ,so I went ahead and peeked my head in. Immediately a huge lab came up to greet me. A man came from around the corner and asked if he could help me. Immediately I knew that I was in the wrong house. I said, "I'm here for the bible study." He said there's no bible study here and proceeded to try to help me figure out where I was going. I left and decided that this night had been long enough and headed back home. I kept wondering why God had so prompted me to go to bible study and then the address that was given to me was the wrong one. Have you ever felt like you were part of God's story for a stranger, and you'll never know why God prompted you to do something until you reach heaven? That's exactly how I felt. It was totally weird. When I got home Josh and I decided we should pray and ask for God's protection over us and that we would always be open to listening to his voice. There is certainly a spiritual battle going on in this city. I believe prayer from his people plus a powerful God is the hope we have.