Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's going on other than snow?

As many of you in this area already know, we've been hit with 2 blizzards in a row. I can only remember a handle full of times that I have ever been in a blizzard before. When I lived in Kentucky as kid we got 2 big snows that I can remember. One was so big that the snow was up to my waste, okay so maybe it wasn't so big if the snow was up to my waste, but it did seem big. We've been spending a lot of time indoors and some time outside with neighbors since being blasted. In fact, I think that God may be orchestrating all this snow so that we can get to know our neighbors better. I briefly got locked out of the house with Savannah this weekend. Josh went out to shovel with our neighbors, and asked that I get ready as well as Savannah so that we could come out and take some pictures together. As soon as I came out I realized the wind was blowing way too hard for Savannah to be out. I turned around for the door handle and it was locked, AGAIN. You see, this has happened once before in the summer time and it's how I got connected with a neighbor that invited me to a neighborhood play group. This time our new neighbor that we had just had over for dinner invited me to come in her house while I waited for Josh to pick the lock- that ended up not working. Eventually he ran to our friend Andrew's place (only about a fourth of a mile away) to get an extra key. It was a great time to get to know them even better and to rely on them. I think that one of the ways that relationships are built and deepened is when you have to depend on each other. Once Josh returned to let us in he ended up running into another neighbor that invited us to their Superbowl party where we met two new couples and got to visit with a few that we had met back in the summer. I believe God has us in the right place at the right time. I am not sure if these neighbors we are interacting with will ever go to our church, but I am going to keep praying that God continues to use us to show them who He is and how much he loves them. This is such a fun adventure!